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Reasons Why A Good Mascot Will Elevate Your Brand Value 

Mascots play the greatest role in business. With their cute appearance, eye-catching colour, expressive facial expression, and entertaining behaviour, they are able to touch the customers right on their heart.

A well-designed mascot may help your company become instantly known and reach the top. So, let’s look at some of the advantages of having a brand mascot for your company.
A well-designed mascot may help your company become instantly known and reach the top. So, let’s look at some of the advantages of having a brand mascot for your company.

  1. Effectively Tells Your Brand’s Character
    A brand mascot represents the character of your business. You may effectively communicate with your audience and tell your brand’s character. As a result, mascots become more effective communicators than banner ads.

    Logos and banner ads can only be found on paper and billboards, but mascots are unique. Mascots, with their voice, appearance, gestures, and facial expressions, especially live mascots, can attract more customers. They can be used to communicate and get in touch with customers while explaining and offering your product or your business website.
  2. Create Positive Image of Business
    There are a lot of successful businesses that make their logo easy to remember for their customers. For instance, Disney and McDonald’s have successfully rebranded their mascot brands to create their brand image.

    There are some cases where the mascot becomes more popular than the business itself. Mascots have the power to create a positive and fun image for your brand. It shows that brands have a big impact not only on representing the brand to the community but also on making a special place in every customer’s mind.
  3. Emotionally Bound to Customers
    Presenting mascots can be the best way to introduce a product or brand to the community. Not only as a reflection of the product, but now many mascots that are well known and loved by consumers more than the company itself. In addition, it shows that the mascot is able to create a good emotional bond with customers.

    This will definitely benefit the company because it gives a good image to the brand and can have a carrier of fame effect. Also, customers will hunt for the mascot wherever it is located, which will bring huge profits to the business. For example, the BT21 doll, a mascot created by BTS members, is always being hunted by fans of the Korean group from all over the world.
  4. Increase Business Exposure
    Good mascots are unforgettable and memorable. Attractive mascots frequently find their way into the public’s mind and become recognized as a symbol of the business’ product or services. A mascot with unique motifs and personalities will make your business stand out from the competition. It is also a smart way to capture the interest of your audience or potential customers.

    The public would find it simpler to recall if the mascot was unique and memorable. Even the possibility of fame and the chance to have your mascots licensed for use on your products may give you more credit.
  5. Strengthening Company Value
    In an event or promotion event, the mascot appears as an “interactor” who speaks and communicates in its own way so as to provide additional strength to the atmosphere and character of the event. The public will feel that there is a “connection” that welcomes them through the program when the figure is present at each event or displayed in the media.

    Because the values and philosophy behind your brand that are visualised in the form of the right mascot will create a pleasant atmosphere and increase your business value.

A business will be successful if its products are known by many people. To achieve that, the right branding technique is needed in order to attract the interest of consumers. Apart from arranging daily or weekly content to promote the business, using a mascot can be one of the most effective branding techniques to introduce products to consumers.

Mascots can be useful to grow your business because they can effectively tell a brand story, create a good image in the community, create an emotional attachment with customers, improve brand awareness, and increase business value. Therefore, design the right brand icon to be able to describe the product properly, making it easier for consumers to differentiate your product from other products.

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