Top Advantages of Gamification

Top Advantages of Gamification for Employees Training

Games, a fun and beautiful yet addictive world where everyone can be a main character in their story. It is very rare to see games and adult work life together on the same frame, since some of them think it might be less professional. However, gamification itself started to gain popularity as it can give advantages for both parties, manager and employees, including increased engagement.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is adding game principles into non-game contexts; it can be used as a tool to collect valuable data about customers’ preferences and behaviours, which can be applied on every online and offline business platform to boost potential customers. In an easy word, Gamification comes when a company adds games into employee training.

What is the Benefit of Gamification for Training Employees?

Besides its popularity as a Game Genre, Gamification also can be applied and be used at the workplace. Here is 5 benefits of Gamification for training employees:

  1. Boost Engagement and Productivity

    Gamification can provide a more interesting and immersive learning experience, allowing employees to perform better and become more productive. With its interesting features, gamification plays a significant role in promoting employee engagement by presenting complex and repetitive chores in a more challenging and fun way.

    Furthermore, when goals are met, employees might feel satisfied and motivated. All of these factors are crucial to the employee’s ability to reach their maximum potential.
  2. Encouraged Social Interaction and Teamwork

    One of the biggest benefits of using the gamification method is that it encourages social interaction among users. Gamification creates user competition by using points, badges, leaderboards, and so on. The desire for points and incentives motivates users to stay active on the site and reach out to one another for advice or assistance. On the other hand, it would help employees collaborate and make new connections with each other.

    Engaging with each other may help the employee learn and create a sense of teamwork among the other employees. According to a study, there are about 80% of employees in the United States who believe that game-based learning is more engaging than traditional methods.
  3. Increase Creativity and Innovative

    Employees might be encouraged to think outside the box by putting themselves in high-stakes circumstances through gamification. You can use gamification to introduce multiple variables in games to familiarise them with different situations they may face in the real world. As a result, gamification is a great option for encouraging innovation and creativity in the workplace.
  4. Helps Workers to Get Used of Receiving Feedbacks

    Games provide the best way of receiving instant feedback from the employee. Employees may receive a variety of types of feedback at work. Giving real-world feedback to employees may motivate them to learn and progress. Gamification can also be used to record employees’ progress at all times, which helps keep them engaged and motivated in their training.

    The employee is able to experience winning or losing in real-time. They can instantly tell when they’re falling behind or reaching their goal based on the feedback they get. Furthermore, because the game-based learning platform can be adjusted as needed, it can be modified to meet the unique needs and goals of individual employees.
  5. Provides a Clear Call-to-Action

    Gamified learning in the workplace is an excellent approach to delivering a clear call to action. When you gamify your training, you create a situation in which your employees must fulfil specific tasks and are rewarded for doing so.

    It gives the employee fast feedback, allowing them to quickly learn how to follow proper procedures. This allows you to train all of your employees without wasting time on one-on-one training.

Gamification can be difficult and confusing for those who are unfamiliar with it. However, there are much bigger opportunities and advantages you may discover by using gamification at the workplace. Everything becomes easier nowadays as technology keeps growing each day and training more than 100+ employees is not a problem anymore. Gamification can help you with increasing engagement, productivity, interaction, teamwork, creativity, and innovation among the employees. Also, it helps workers to face constant feedback and give a clear Call-to-Action.

Not only can Neil Armstrong make one giant leap for mankind, your company also can make one giant step for your company with gamification.

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