Gamification Training For LAN

Training Gamification For LAN

Civil servant gamification training modul.

IOTA has been trusted by one of the major institutions in Indonesia, namely the State Administrative Institute (LAN) to strengthen the training process for prospective civil servants by creating training modules in the form of Gamification to create a more enjoyable and challenging learning process.

Empal Si Babah

Maskot Si Babah

Maskot Catering Si Babah

IOTA has helped Catering Si Babah to develop an attractive mascot that can represent its vision and mission, to increase engagement and branding to its loyal customers. The Babah mascot consists of 2 characters which symbolize the friendliness of the services provided.

Aira Challenge Gamification

Aira Challenge Gamification

Sinarmas M-Banking Apps Gamification.

Aira Challenge Gamification is a gamification feature embedded in the Nano bank Sinarmas Syariah mobile banking application which aims to increase customer engagement in the application. Customers can play match three games to collect interesting items and improve the appearance of their avatar.

Penjelajah Nusantara

Penjelajah Nusantara

The Adventure of Devan and Rhea. 

Penjelajah Nusantara is a story about a very close brother and sister named Devan and Rhea. They are brothers and sisters who have a high curiosity and love to go on adventures throughout the archipelago. Exciting, mysterious and tense experiences often await them, which makes this story very interesting to follow.

Chiko Ketti Beri

Chiko Ketti Beri

The Friendship of the Adorables Trio.

Chiko Ketti Beri is a story about the friendship between three cubs in their daily life which is cute, fun, and adorable. Chiko the chicken, Ketti the cat and Beri the bear have different traits and habits but can be united and work together in various situations and challenges that they have to face everyday.

Bela Negara Animation

Bela Negara Animation

3D Short Animation Series for Kemenhan RI.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia launched the “Defend the State” campaign through an interesting and captivating short 3d animated series that tells about the friendships of several children in Indonesia in their daily lives.



Educational Gamification Platform.

PETRAVERSE is a Gamification Learning Management System (LMS) program that contains digital modules created by Petra Digital Institute of Petra Christian University (PCU) in collaboration with IOTA Kreatif Media and Prime Skills. PETRAVERSE provides an asynchronous learning system and allows digital modules with the concepts of Visual Learning, Interactive Comics, Role Play Games, and Virtual Reality.

Onde Finance

Onde Finance NFT

Character Design.

IOTA in collaboration with Onde Finance launched the NFT collection in the form of cute and adorable Onde-Onde characters. Onde brings innovation into the NFT space by providing monthly crypto rewards to Onde NFT holders. When someone buys Onde NFT, Onde Finance invests 90% of the proceeds to various opportunities such as trading, yield farming and play to earn games. Onde NFT holders will get part of the profit simply by holding the NFT in their wallet and claiming the reward on Onde Finance website once a month. These rewards can be increased even higher by upgrading your Onde NFT with Onde token.

Katiga Mobile Games


Mobile Games.

This digital game was initiated by the ILO project entitled “Improving COVID-19 Prevention in and through the Workplace”. With funding support from the Government of Japan, this project aims to improve COVID-19 prevention measures and occupational safety and health (K3) in and through the workplace.



Webtoon Comic, Story, Character, Toys.

Lightman is the story of a superhero and his friends defending Earth from Grus, an evil noble from the planet Alcyone.